St Benet’s Hall Association

The St Benet’s Hall Association is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2007 by Benet’s alumni, Nicholas Kazaz (2004) and Ben Fleetwood-Smyth (2000). Its purpose was – and is – to promote a close relationship amongst those who have studied, lived or taught at St Benet’s Hall.

Following the dissolution of the Hall on 30th September 2022, the Association is the focal point for Benetians worldwide, organising regular social and networking events, both independently and with other constituents of the University of Oxford.

Committee Members

Nick Kazaz (2004) BA Theology

Nicky Wingfield Digby (2006) BA Literae Humaniores

Wade Newmark (1979) BA Modern History

Rev David Goldberg (2009) BA Theology

Roberto Weeden Sanz (2012) BA History

Poppy Atkinson Gibson (2019) BA History

Julian Danker (2022) BA PPE (Current JCR President & student)

Volunteer Support Staff

Co-ordinator: Katy Griffiths (Alumni Relations Officer at St Benet’s from 2016 to 2018)

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