• Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  • Graduation Day – 12th November 2022

    Many congratulations to the eleven Benetians who graduated today and very best wishes for your future careers; we look forward to following your progress.

    From October 2022, Benet’s alumni are considered to be not only those who have completed their studies but also those who have matriculated as members of St Benet’s Hall and are still studying at the University. The St Benet’s Hall Association would particularly like to encourage recent graduates and current students to join us at the next Benet’s Gaudy on Thursday 2nd March 2023 (ticket details will be announced shortly).

  • Requiem Mass – Saturday 26th November

    A High Mass of Requiem will take place on Saturday 26th November at 11:30am, in the Oxford Oratory, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HA.

    The celebrant will be Fr Edward van den Burgh of the London Oratory, a former Benet’s JCR President. It will be celebrated according to the 1962 Missal (the Traditional Latin Mass), and accompanied with Gregorian Chant sung by the Schola Abelis of Oxford under the direction of Dominic Bevan.

    The Mass is celebrated for the repose of the souls of St Benet’s deceased members, staff, and benefactors, with the support of the St Benet’s Trust and the Latin Mass Society. The service is open to all.

    For further information, please contact Dr Joseph Shaw at: mailto:oxford@lms.org.uk

  • St Giles Farewell Reception

    A bitter-sweet occasion: Benet’s farewell drinks reception was hosted by the Hall and the Master, Professor Richard Cooper, on Saturday 24th September in the Refectory at 38 St Giles. This was preceded by a Thanksgiving Mass at the Oratory Church in Woodstock Road, celebrated by the Abbot of Ampleforth.

    Alumni and Fellows from across the decades were joined by friends of the Hall, including those from the wider University and the Church. It was huge pleasure to welcome back the Chancellor of the University, Baron Patten of Barnes CH and Bishop William Kennedy.

    It was undoubtedly a fitting send-off: even the sun shone to allow the reception to spill out into the gardens. This was a day to celebrate the long and significant contribution that Benet’s has made to Oxford life and to acknowledge the affection that it has imbued in so many.

    With thanks to Roo Waters for the photos.
    All photos copyright © 2022 Roo Waters. All rights reserved.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the website of the St Benet’s Hall Association whose purpose is to promote a close relationship amongst those who have studied, lived or taught at St Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford.

    We are a not-for profit organisation founded in 2007 by Benet’s alumni, Nicholas Kazaz (2004) and Ben Fleetwood-Smyth (2000). With the dissolution of St Benet’s Hall as a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford on 30th September 2022, the Association will endeavour to preserve the ethos and vitality of Benet’s. We will continue to hold events and activities, such as drinks, lectures, sporting fixtures and an annual Gaudy. We also have plans to reintroduce a careers network to help in particular those in the early stages of their careers.

    The Association will work hard to ensure that Benet’s goes on to thrive in its new incarnation. It has often been said that Benet’s is not about buildings, it is about people – and that is even more so now. Please support us by coming to events, spreading the word amongst fellow Benetians and, ideally, volunteering to join the Committee as a Year Rep.

    We will be adding new posts to this website about future and past events, as well as updates on individual Benetians. We would welcome your news alongside any photos or memories that you would be willing to share on this site.

    Please contact us at: alum@sbh-oxford.org

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